Online Courses


Dauphin County Technical School provides students, grades 10th – 12th, with the opportunity to earn credit in a non-traditional setting.

In addition to following the policies and guidelines stated in the DCTS Student Handbook, all students must adhere to the following guidelines while enrolled in the online program. This specialized program demands different rules and/or regulations from that of a traditional setting to ensure the success of the students. It is important that the following guidelines are understood completely.

Certain standards are expected of students enrolling in online courses. This contract and the online policy make both the student and the parents/guardian aware of the standards expected of students enrolling in such courses. As a student taking an online course, I am aware that:

  1. Eligibility: All eligibility is determined by DCTS Administration through review of the student online course application.
  2. Coursework: Students will be expected to work independently, as the assigned teacher will be provided through the CAOLA program.
  3. Financially: Student and/or Parent/Guardian will be responsible for paying for the cost of the online course if:
    • The student does not receive at least a minimum final grade of 60% in the course.
    • Student does not complete all required parts of the course.
    • Student chooses to withdraw from the online course (If he/she withdraws, he/she will be responsible for all of the enrolled parts/semesters) without completing all assignments, parts, and/or semesters associated with the course.
  4. Progress: The four parts or semesters of each course will run parallel to DCTS’ 4 quarter schedule or semesters within DCTS Calendar. Each part is to be completed by the end of each quarter or semester.
  5. Grades: Continued poor academic performance in online courses may affect your future eligibility for the program.
  6. Acceptable Use Policy: All online communication must adhere to DCTS Acceptable Use Policy which includes, but is not limited to:
    • Students must communicate with others on a regular basis using acceptable language, appropriate messages, and proper grammar and spelling.
    • Student must not inappropriately use information within the course.
    • Students must maintain academic honesty.
    • Students must follow the DCTS Acceptable Use Policy and all other rules as specified by the teacher

Violations of the above guidelines will result in a referral to the program coordinator. Discipline will be addressed as outlined in the DCTS Student Handbook.

Online Course Application