DCTS Science Fair Projects
Kaylee McGraw from the Cosmetology program, is studying which foundations are the most moisturizing. She used orange peels that were all the same size and applied different foundations to the peels. She waited 24 hours and massed and measured the thickness and then repeated 24 hours later. Kaylee will see which foundation locked in the most moisture.
DCTS Students visit job site
Thank you A P Williams, Inc for providing an in-depth tour of a job site this afternoon for our Building Construction Technology students. We are appreciative of the opportunity and your continued support of our students.
Master of the Rafter competition
On November 26th, Carpentry held the 31st annual "Master of the Rafter" competition. Students had to calculate and layout a 12 foot common rafter as quickly and accurately as possible. Here are the results of the competition: 4th place - Taryn Rohler with 2 minutes, 58 seconds; 3rd place - Nathaniel Cooper with 2 minutes, 56 seconds; 2nd place - Jordon Popp with 2 minutes, 24 seconds; and this year's "Master of the Rafter" is Jorge Calderon with 2 minutes, 22 seconds. Congratulations to all!
Skills USA
DCTS Wolverines blew everyone out of the water on Feb. 14th! The best of the best competed against other schools and the results speak for themselves. Congratulations to all competitors and their Program Instructors! The total students competing for State Champion in April is 27! Follow our progress on Facebook: DC-Tech Skills USA
DCTS Student Ambassadors visited Derry Township Middle School
On December 11, 2019, DCTS Student Ambassadors Makayla Boyer (Masonry Program), Cassidy Howarth (Dental Assistant Program), and Theresa Kinkley (Health Careers Program) visited Derry Township Middle School to speak to a group of 8th grade students interested in attending the Dauphin County Technical School.
Medical Assistant Students visit Country Meadows
A huge thank you to Country Meadows Senior Care, Hershey Campus for providing the opportunity for Medical Assistant Juniors: Jaziah Watson, Cheyann Herrington, Arissa Itinger and Rionna Edwards, to participate in an incredible observation program as part of the DC Tech Work Based Learning Program. During their time at Country Meadows, the students shadowed various healthcare workers learning about specific careers and the role of different positions at the facility. These experiences are so helpful to our students as they begin to make decisions regarding their career path.
Small Engine Equipment Technology
The SEET program was the recipient of 40 new Briggs & Stratton Engines to be used for student training. The SEET Program is certified by the nationally known Equipment & Engine Training Council (EETC). One scope of the EETC council is to promote the training of technicians in the small engine field and is supported by most major manufactures of engines and outdoor power equipment. Because the SEET program is certified by the EETC, the instructor was notified that the Briggs and Stratton Corporation was making new overhead engines available to select training programs. Briggs and Stratton shipped 40 overhead valve to DCTS as can been seen in the PHOTO.
Normality Zero
During the Presidents day weekend, DCTS' robotics team, Normality Zero, held their annual “End of Build Season Lock-in”. Students built a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition during the first weekend in March. Their build weekend consisted of, team building activities and robotics building around the clock.
DCTS Student Ambassadors
On October 18, 2019, the DCTS student ambassadors led tours during the annual DCTS tour day. The student ambassadors led hundreds of 8th grade visitors through the school, and fielded questions about DCTS as well as career and technical education.
Outstanding Citizen
The Lower Paxton Lions Club recently recognized Caden Shaw as an outstanding citizen due to his community service through BC Cares, Carpentry, DCTS theater and his church.
Smal Engine Equipment Technology Program
Mr. Melvin Nolt from PowerPro Equipment in Lebanon, came to the Small Engine Equipment Technology class to demonstrate the All-Wheel Drive Articulating Compact Tractor made by Ventrac. The machine we demoed was a dual wheel, 4 wheel drive vehicle with a finish mower. All of the students were able to test drive the machine around the retention basin. The students found the power steering and the low center of gravity enabled them to turn with ease whether they were going up, down or across the steep sides of the basin. They were also able to drive through the wettest part of the retention pond with ease which means that even in the wettest years this machine could mow these areas.
Collision & Refinishing Technology
The Collision & Refinishing Technology students were back in action again today at the AACA Museum, Inc. in Hershey continuing their year-long Service Learning Project. Students started by taking a few parts off the vehicle to work on the engine and then started by working on preparing the engine. They then moved to the interior. They finished the day by removing the fuel tank, which they will clean and seal.
DCTS Medical Assistant Student Completes P.U.L.S.E. program
Medical Assistant Senior, Heaman Dhimal, for completing the P.U.L.S.E. program at Penn State Health Hershey Medical Center where he spent 12 wks studying Hematology & Oncology under the direction of medical students from Penn State College of Medicine. Heaman participated in a group poster project where he presented information on Iron Deficient Anemia to medical students, physicians, and guests.
Medical Assistant students participate in the Surgery Live program at the Whitaker Center
Surgery Live is a program in which students are connected to the operating rooms of Hershey Medical Center through interactive high-definition videoconferencing technology. Our students were able to see and hear the surgical team in real time and were able to ask questions during a surgical procedure. A facilitator guided the students' discussion with operating room staff, demonstrated surgical instruments used in the operation, and explained factors that cause disease and contribute to conditions that place patients on the operating table. It was an exciting and educational experience!
DCTS Science Fair Projects
Sage Gary from the Cosmetology program, is working on a project looking at fertilizers, runoff, and algal blooms. She has several chemicals, commonly found in fertilizers, mixed in with water and algae. Sage is comparing the growth of the algae under these different conditions.
Congratulations to the Health Careers seniors on completing their Nurse Assistant and Patient Care Assistant certifications.
DCTS Science Fair Projects
Sherief Wright from the IST program, is comparing the abilities of DIY solar desalination stills. The picture of the bottles is one of his stills that he was working on. He tested one still today and was able to get .25 ml of pure water collected. Sherief is now working on ways to maximize the amount of water that can be collected using the stills.

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