Emergency Planning Zone

The Dauphin County Technical School (DCTS) is highly concerned with the safety and welfare of all students attending our school. Plans are in place in the event we must evacuate and relocate our students should an emergency arise, including the possibility of an incident at the Three Mile Island Nuclear Station (TMI). If an evacuation and relocation is necessary, DCTS students will be moved in accordance with plans that have been established by sending schools. These evacuation plans have been developed in coordination with DCTS.

It is important to note that students will be picked up from DCTS and bussed back to their home schools if they live outside the Emergency Planning Zone (EPZ), which is any area outside a 10 mile radius of TMI. If your school district is within the 10 mile EPZ, students will be picked up from DCTS and bussed to alternative locations. As DCTS does not own or operate any busses, all students will be bussed by their sending school district according to their sending school plans.

Schools outside the EPZ include:  Halifax Area, Susquehanna Township, Millersburg, Upper Dauphin

Schools full or partially inside the EPZ include:  Central Dauphin, Steelton-Highspire, Harrisburg City, Middletown Area, Derry Township, Lower Dauphin

Students who drive their own vehicles to DCTS on a day an evacuation and relocation should occur, will NOT be permitted to drive off the parking lot. Permission to drive home will not be accepted via telephone.

Students will be released only to parents and guardians from the relocation site your student is located. When picking up your student (s), please have proper identification so your student may be released to you in a timely fashion. Typically, this consists of having a valid PA drivers license or state issued ID Card.

Please see the reverse side of this letter, or contact your sending school district to identify emergency evacuation reunification locations.


DCTS will post information about incident-related early dismissals or emergency evacuations on its website as they occur. The school also utilizes a telephone messaging system to directly convey information related to unplanned school schedule changes/evacuations. In addition, this information will be made available via local electronic media, just as snow delays and closings are. In the event of an evacuation, please do not call DCTS as these calls will tie up phone lines necessary for critical communications and coordination with emergency agencies. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to listen to announcements released through the Emergency Broadcast System by the Dauphin County Emergency Management Agency or the PA Emergency Management Agency.


Locations that DCTS students (based on residency) will be bussed to and released to parents/guardians:

Central Dauphin:  Students will be transported to CD Middle School


Derry Township:  Students will be transported to Northern Lebanon Jr./Sr. High


Halifax Area:  Students will be transported to Halifax High School


Harrisburg City:  Students will be transported to Camp Curtain School


Lower Dauphin:  Students will be transported to Pine Grove High School


Middletown Area:  Students will be transported to Governor Mifflin High School


Steelton-Highspire:  Students will be transported to Faust Jr./Sr. High School


Susquehanna Township:  Students will be transported to Susquehanna Twp. High School


Upper Dauphin:  Students will be transported to Upper Dauphin High School


Please note:  As DCTS does not own or operate any busses, please contact your sending school district’s administration office should you have any questions/concerns regarding their bussing plans in the event of an evacuation.