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CIP Code: 12.0401

Instructor: Mrs. Knapp

This program is taught in a newly remodeled, up-to-date salon environment. The program is designed to prepare students to take the state Board of Cosmetology Test upon Completion of their 1250 hours of instruction. Once students obtain 300 hours they gain hands-on experience performing services on clients and DCTS students on the Clinic Floor. The Clinic is open to the public. Course content includes hair care, coloring, cutting and styling, manicures, acrylic nails and pedicures, facials, wigs, weaves, braiding, hair pressing, and relaxing, cells and anatomy, light therapy and salon management.



Cosmetoloty students at work, photo 1      Cosmetoloty students at work, photo 2      Cosmetoloty students at work, photo 3 


  • Demonstrate safety, sanitation & disease control
  • Cleaning & sanitizing implements, equipment & facilities
  • Exhibiting professionalism & workplace ethics
  • Shampooing & conditioning hair
  • Cutting hair
  • Styling hair
  • Creating permanent wave
  • Performing chemical relaxing & soft-curl permanent
  • Lightening & coloring hair
  • Caring for skin, hands & feet
  • Performing artistry of artificial hair
  • Managing the salon
  • Examining all aspects of industry

 Possible Careers 

  • Hairdresser, Stylist & Cosmetologist
  • Nail Specialist
  • Makeup Specialist
  • Braidery Specialist
  • Vocational Education Teachers, Postsecondary
  • Career/Technical Education Teachers, Secondary School
  • Skincare Specialist

 Potential Certifications 

  • PA Skills Certificate (NOCTI)
  • State Board of Cosmetology Operators License

 Statewide Articulation Agreements