Safety and Security Measures

May 25, 2022

Dear DCTS School Community:

What happened at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas is an unmitigated tragedy.  The Dauphin County Technical School joins with schools across the country in expressing our sympathy and support to the community of Uvalde, Texas.

At DCTS, we take the responsibility of student and staff safety very seriously. To that end, please know that our teachers, support staff and administrators are trained as part of our safety plan that pertains to our school building.

Safety protocols are in place and throughout each and every classroom. We consistently evaluate and refine all safety procedures to make sure we are exhaustive in our efforts to prevent a horrific event like the one experienced by the students and families of Robb Elementary School.

In support of our comprehensive safety protocols, we access the expertise of the members of the DCTS Safety Committee and interface with local law enforcement personnel through our School Resource Officer to review our plans, inspect our facilities, and help support our drills.

The following measures are currently in place throughout DCTS:

  • A secured vestibule upon entrance to the school.
  • A single point of entry during the day.
  • All visitors must show identification upon being admitted to the school and must report directly to the main office.
  • We have ongoing staff training on enhanced measures and protocols relating to intruder and active shooter drills.
  • All staff must wear an identification badge and visitors must go through a verification process upon entrance to our school under the School Gate Guardian System.
  • Utilization of interior and exterior cameras to monitor and record video surveillance.
  • Threat/Risk Assessments conducted by our school psychologist, counselors, and social worker when we have concerns about students, including students who are believed to have communicated threats; and,
  • A continually evolving safety plan for professional learning for staff dedicated to school and student safety.

To support our school’s efforts and to remain vigilant as a greater school community we ask that you:

Be sure that updated emergency contact information exists in our parent portal section of PowerSchool.

Listen to your child and take any concern seriously. Encourage your child to report any concern that they may have to you, the school, or law enforcement.

Manage your child’s electronic life and social media the same you would the other aspects of their life.

Report suspicious behaviors to the proper authorities immediately and encourage your child to do the same. 

Emphasize that it is OK to seek help for themselves or others. In fact, doing so aides the entire school community in becoming more safe and secure. If a social media post raises red flags, be sure to take a screenshot of it to share with the proper authorities and tell your child not to forward it to others.

Talk with your children about civility, respect, and appropriate discourse. Acknowledge that we live in a society with many deeply held and diverse viewpoints which can sometimes be at odds. At school, we strive to teach students to respectfully disagree when voicing their opinions and values.

Talk to your child about personal safety and reinforce how to recognize danger signals. Schools continue to be very safe places to learn and to work. Yet it is important for all adults in our children’s lives, including all school employees and parents, to work together and to reassure our children that safeguards are in place to provide a safe environment for learning in our schools.

We appreciate the help and guidance you have provided to your child during this very trying time. We have an amazing school community at Dauphin County Technical School.

It is a strong and caring environment for your child. We must work together to preserve that, even as tragedies arise throughout the nation.

Finally, please know that we have a wonderful staff dedicated to supporting you and your family. It is so very important that we work together as a community to ensure the well-being and safety of all.

Dauphin County Technical School remains committed to protecting the safety of all our students and staff through planning, preparation, and vigilance.  If you have any specific concerns, as always, please feel free to contact our principal.


Dr. Karen Pflugh, Administrative Director