Graduation Information

Ceremony Information

DCTS Class of 2024 Graduation Ceremony

Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Location: The Forum, 500 Walnut Street Harrisburg, PA 17109

Time: Ceremony Begins at 7:00PM

Senior Arrival: 5:30PM for check-in, pics and line-up

The Final Days of School DCTS dress code is in effect for all seniors

  • June 3 (Monday) – Mandatory Graduation practice for all seniors in the Auditorium at 8:00AM
    • You will receive your cap & gown, any earned Honor Cords and your FIVE tickets
    • You will be able to leave when practice has concluded
    • Anyone who needs to stay to ride a bus home must report to CTE for the day (A day)
  • June 4 (Tuesday) – Mandatory Graduation practice for all seniors in the Auditorium at 7:45AM
    • Students who do not show for practice will not participate in the Graduation ceremony that
    • We will practice at the Forum. ALL students must ride buses to and from the Forum.
    • Students will be able to leave when the buses return to the school, or must report to CTE.

Tuesday Evening Graduation Ceremony:

  • ALL seniors arrive at the Forum by 5:30. Seniors should be dressed in your Graduation gown,
    with your cap, honor cords and NHS/NTHS stoles.
  • Report inside and to the left BEHIND the stage for check-in, pictures & line up.
  • Family and guests must wait outside until 6:15PM when the doors will be open to admit
    tickets holders ONLY into the building. As per Harrisburg City fire code, no one will be admitted
    into the ceremony with out a ticket, we are giving out all the tickets that we are permitted.
  • There will be some handicapped seating in designated areas– 1 additional person may sit with
    that person – everyone MUST have tickets.
  • Once family is in the building, they are asked not to leave – if they leave, they will not be given a
    ticket to get back in.

Additional Information:

  • The ceremony will be live-streamed on the DCTS website. The link for this will be posted on the
    website prior to the ceremony on June 4th.
  • As per the Forum regulations, families are also asked not to bring balloons or air horns (they
    are not permitted in the auditorium) that will disrupt either ceremony.
  • Parking will be around the Forum, including the garages near Market St.
  • All Guests over the age of 3 MUST have a ticket. Families are reminded that this event is not
    designed for infants and very small children. The seats are close together and infant carriers are
    not permitted to block aisles or stairways (as per fire code). Any child, 3 and under MUST sit on
    an adult’s lap and not occupy a ticketed seat.
  • Students who are NOT planning to participate in the Graduation ceremony should inform Mrs.
    Glotfelter ASAP. You will be given instructions on receiving your diploma, etc.

Graduation Attire

This is what you need to wear under your DCTS green Graduation gown:


  • Plain, solid-colored black pantsNO jeans, NO shorts
  • Plain, solid-white (or light colored) button-up or polo shirt with a collar
  • Solid-colored black dress shoes or dress boots; absolutely NO sneakers, sandals/flip
    flops, or worn & scuffed boots
  • A professional tie (either regular or bowtie is acceptable) looks very good under your
    gown and is recommended but not required.


  • A simple, appropriate dress (or shirt/skirt combination) that should be about knee length
    or shorter than your mid-calf-length gown.

    • Dresses may be any color/pattern since your gown is dark green (avoid
      maxi/long skirts that will show below your gown) OR
  • A plain light-colored shirt and solid-colored black pants – NO jeans, NO shorts
  • Solid-colored BLACK, low/flat shoes or sandals. Shoes should be comfortable and
    appropriate for walking and standing; absolutely NO flip-flops or heels.
  • Remember, the low black flats/sandals are to match your Graduation gown NOT the
    outfit you are wearing beneath the gown.

Black is the ONLY acceptable color for both pants and shoes on ALL DCTS graduates

Cap Decoration Guidelines

You will get your cap and gown on Monday, June 5th at our 1st MANDATORY practice.
You do NOT have to decorate your cap; however, please take into consideration the following rules if you choose to decorate your graduation cap.

What is permitted:

  • ‘Thank you’ to a relative, teacher, or friend
  • Recognition of the post-secondary institution you will be attending
  • Class of 2024
  • Branch of military you will be joining (Honors stolls from the military are NOT
    permitted to be worn – only items from DCTS may be worn on/over your gown)
  • Your CTE program
  • The logo/name of the company that has hired you
  • A positive, up-lifting message

What is not permitted:

  • Any advertisement, symbols, abbreviations, initials, words, slogans, patches, or
    pictures that refer to drugs, controlled substances, tobacco, alcohol, or weapons;
    or is of a sexual nature
  • Symbols affiliated with gangs; or, advocate drug use, violence, illegal activity, or
    disruptive behavior which is detrimental to the safety and welfare of others
  • Political endorsements; including flags of any kind
  • “RIP” or “Rest in Peace” acknowledgements
  • Obscenity, lewdness, vulgarity, or profanity
  • Numbers other than 2024 or ‘24
  • Threats to the safety and welfare of any person
  • Any decorations hanging from the bottom of the mortar board. The tassel is the
    only thing to be hanging from your cap. (No bows, etc may be attached to the cap)
  • 3D decorations. Your cap and all decorations must lay flat and NOT add extra weight.

Graduation caps will be reviewed and approved in advance of the ceremony. If your cap is not approved, you will be given a different/blank cap to wear for the ceremony.

If you are not sure if your cap will be approved, or have other question e-mail Mrs. Glotfelter @