All applications to Dauphin County Technical School must come through the participating school district guidance office.  Students who wish to apply to DCTS for their 23-24 ninth grade year should click the link below to submit the online portion of the application.  Your school’s guidance office will then be notified.  They will collect the other information and prepare the packet for submission.

Any student who previously attended DCTS may reapply by completing an application at their participating school district. This application will be considered on the same basis as that of a new student and processed in the same manner. The aptitude of each candidate for a specific program will be considered. All applicants should be in good academic standing, have good attendance, and demonstrate appropriate behavior for high school students.

Ninth-grade students who attend Dauphin County Technical School are not guaranteed placement into their first choice of career and technical program, because said program may be full. In order to accommodate for the first program of choice being oversubscribed, students will need to consider a second and third choice as a possible career path at the end of the 9th-grade exploratory program. The student, upon request, can be placed on a waiting list for an oversubscribed program and as openings become available, students on the waitlist will be considered for acceptance into their requested career and technical program.

Deadline for current 8th graders to apply for the 2024-2025 school year is February 2, 2024


Upper Classman Applications Now Open: 

Online Applications are due by March 22, 2024 and Paper Applications are due April 5, 2024.

Freshman Application Acceptance:

Student Enrollment 2024-2025