Diesel Technology Competency Task List


DST100 – Orientation and Safety

  • DST102: Research diesel occupations and certification programs.

  • DST103: Identify truck classifications and configurations.

  • DST104: Use service manuals and online service information.

  • DST105: Follow safety procedures and safe equipment operation.

  • DST107: Follow Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for cleaning and disposal of waste and fluids.

  • DST108: Exhibit professional and personal standards and work habits and ethics in a diesel shop.

  • DST109: Comply with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.


DST200 – Tools and Fasteners/Hardware

  • DST201: Use basic hand tools and power tools.

  • DST202: Use fasteners, fittings, and hardware.

  • DST203: Drill and use threading tools and extractors.

  • DST204: Use precision measuring tools.

  • DST206: Set up/Shut down, cut, and heat with an oxy-acetylene torch.


DST300 – Suspension and Steering Systems

  • DST301: Inspect and repair or replace steering linkage.

  • DST302: Inspect and adjust basic wheel alignment and inspect tires.

  • DST304: Inspect and test/service a power steering system.

  • DST305: Service wheel bearings and hubs according to Transportation Motor Control (TMC) guidelines.

  • DST306: Inspect and replace shock absorbers.

  • DST307: Inspect and replace king pins.

  • DST308: Inspect and replace leaf springs.

  • DST309: Inspect and repair or replace air suspension components.

  • DST310: Inspect and service wheel assemblies.


DST400 – Preventive Maintenance

  • DST401: Determine preventive maintenance intervals and procedures.

  • DST402: Perform preventive maintenance inspection.


DST500 – Brake System

  • DST501: Inspect and repair or replace hydraulic disc brake components.

  • DST503: Inspect and repair or replace S-cam drum brake components.

  • DST506: Inspect and replace or adjust air governors.

  • DST105: Follow safety procedures and safe equipment operation.

  • DST507: Replace hydraulic brake lines and bleed brakes.

  • DST508: Inspect and repair or replace air brake lines.

  • DST509: Inspect and diagnose and replace air brake chambers.

  • DST510: Inspect and diagnose and replace master cylinder and hydraulic system components.

  • DST511: Diagnose and repair or replace anti-lock brake system (ABS) components.

  • DST512: Inspect and repair or replace air brake valves.

  • DST513: Inspect and repair or replace air dryers.

  • DST514: Inspect and repair or replace air disc brake components.

  • DST517: Inspect and replace and adjust slack adjusters.


DST600 – Diesel Engines

  • DST601: Explain diesel engine operation and identify parts.

  • DST602: Remove, inspect, and install camshaft and valve train components.

  • DST603: Remove, inspect, and install piston, connecting rod, and liner.

  • DST604: Remove, inspect, and install crankshaft and bearings (mains and rods).

  • DST605: Replace engine oil seal.

  • DST606: Perform diesel tune-up (set overhead).

  • DST607: Remove, inspect, and install cylinder head and gasket.

  • DST608: Remove, inspect, and install oil pump.

  • DST609: Remove, inspect, and install vibration dampener and flywheel.


DST700 – Air Intake and Exhaust Systems

  • DST701: Inspect and repair or replace air induction system components.

  • DST702: Inspect and repair or replace exhaust system and components.

  • DST703: Inspect and replace charge air coolers and after coolers.

  • DST704: Inspect and repair or replace turbocharger.


DST800 – Cooling Systems

  • DST801: Inspect and replace belts and pulleys.

  • DST802: Inspect and replace hoses and clamps.

  • DST803: Test and replace thermostat.

  • DST804: Drain, flush, refill, and bleed cooling system.

  • DST805: Test anti-freeze and supplemental coolant additives.

  • DST807: Inspect and replace water pump.

  • DST808: Inspect fan drives.

  • DST809: Inspect and pressure test cooling system components.


DST900 – Fuel System

  • DST901: Replace fuel filters and strainers.

  • DST902: Inspect and replace fuel lines, tank, cap, and fittings.

  • DST903: Prime and bleed fuel system.

  • DST905: Perform fuel supply and return system tests.

  • DST906: Remove and install injector/nozzle.


DST1000 – Electrical/Electronic System

  • DST1001: Test and service battery.

  • DST1002: Test, replace and adjust bulbs and lamps.

  • DST1003: Diagnose and repair or replace electrical circuits and components.

  • DST1004: Test starting system and replace component assemblies.

  • DST1005: Test charging system output and replace component assemblies.

  • DST1006: Analyze and interpret wiring diagrams.

  • DST1007: Perform computer systems tests and analyze codes.


DST1100 – Drive Line

  • DST1101: Diagnose, replace, and adjust drive-line components.

  • DST1102: Perform clutch/clutch brake maintenance and adjustment.

  • DST1103: Remove and install clutch assembly.